TU-CAPS International Conference


Welcome to the 3rd TU-CAPS International Conference in Thailand. The conference will be held from December 6th to 7th at the breath taking resort city of Hua Hin, Thailand. Leading scholars, experts, and researchers from the leading universities in the Asia-Pacific Region are expected to attend.  

Thammasat Annual Academics and Postgraduate Conference on Asia-Pacific (TU-CAPS) is the first international conference on Asia-Pacific Studies held in the Southeast Asia region. The event provides scholars a platform for exchanging and sharing of knowledge that is dedicated to discussing the various aspects of Asia-Pacific Studies.

This year’s theme: Asia Pacific Amidst the Challenging Times

There goes a saying, “the only permanent thing in this world is change.” Henceforth, this quote transcends the boundary of literature as it had encapsulated the reality of our changing dynamic global landscape today. The change that is being observed however, is not that for the good but for the worst. Turbulence, disruption and instability are in fact some of the words associated when it comes to describing the world’s current state. Some of the issues and challenges facing the region today ranges from the potential trade war between US and China to the decline of the West, the rise of populist leaders and the growing unpredictability of North Korea’s Kim to the ailing demographic conditions of Japan and Thailand. Hence this year’s theme “Asia Pacific Amidst the Challenging Times”. The test for us scholars, especially for those dedicated in the area studies of Asia Pacific Region is to take these challenges as opportunities of stimulating academic debate to provide understanding for the world. We invite all our speakers, students and scholars to this exciting event; 3rdThammasat Annual Academics and Postgraduate International Conference (TU CAPS). We hope to see you there!


TU-CAPS International conference includes 3 concordance events:


1. Thammasat Annual Academic and Post-Graduate Conference on Asia-Pacific Studies which focuses on the Asia- Pacific region, APEC, and a showcase of theses and articles for students of Master of Arts in Asia-Pacific Studies Program and students from our academic partners in the Asia-Pacific Region.


2. Australian Studies Centre Consortium Conference, which will put emphasize on Australian Studies.


3. Telecom Policy Development International Conference, which will feature telecommunications in the Asia-Pacific

Each year the central theme will be set to provide the direction of the panel and people presentation. The 2nd TU-CAPS International Conference will dedicate to the study of the Asia-Pacific region which is now the centre of global phenomenon.  

The central theme of the conference is “Asia-Pacific: the New World Focal Point”. Our main themes include

  • Security and Defense 
  • Economics and Trade
  • Development and Public Policy
  • Disaster Management
  • Political Economy
  • Asia-Pacific Area studies: Issues and Challenges facing the Asia-Pacific Region 

The TU-CAPS Experience


TU-CAPS 2018 International Conference brings you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge with experts in the field, present your work in the Asia-Pacific Studies community, create and expand your network with scholars and experts in the region. Experience and enjoy the breath-taking beaches and vibrantcity of Hua Hin- one of most beautiful places in the world. 

Researchers, academics, policy makers, and postgraduate students are recommended to attend the 3nd TU-CAPS International Conference.