TU-CAPS International Conference


Welcome to the 2nd TU-CAPS International Conference in Thailand. The conference will be held from December 7th-8th at Dusit Island Resort Chiang Rai, Thailand. Leading scholars, experts, and researchers from the leading universities in the Asia-Pacific Region are expected to attend.  

Thammasat Annual Academics and Postgraduate Conference on Asia-Pacific (TU-CAPS) is the first international conference on Asia-Pacific Studies in Southeast Asian. The event is the platform for knowledge sharing and exchanging between scholars who excel in various aspects of Asia-Pacific Studies. 

TU-CAPS International conference includes 3 concordance events:


1. Thammasat Annual Academic and Post-Graduate Conference on Asia-Pacific Studies which focuses on the Asia- Pacific region, APEC, and a showcase of theses and articles for students of Master of Arts in Asia-Pacific Studies Program and students from our academic partners in the Asia-Pacific Region.


2. Australian Studies Centre Consortium Conference, which will put emphasize on Australian Studies.


3. Telecom Policy Development International Conference, which will feature telecommunications in the Asia-Pacific

Each year the central theme will be set to provide the direction of the panel and people presentation. The 2nd TU-CAPS International Conference will dedicate to the study of the Asia-Pacific region which is now the centre of global phenomenon.  

The central theme of the conference is “Asia-Pacific: the New World Focal Point”. Our main themes include

  • Security and Defense 
  • Economics and Trade
  • Development and Public Policy
  • Disaster Management
  • Political Economy
  • Asia-Pacific Area studies: Issues and Challenges facing the Asia-Pacific Region 

Why should you participate in the Conference?


TU-CAPS 2017 International Conference brings you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge with experts in the field, present your work in the Asia-Pacific Studies community, create and expand your network with scholars and experts in the region. Experience and enjoy the breathtaking view of Phuket - one of most beautiful and finest beaches in the world. 

Researchers, academics, policy makers, and postgraduate students are recommended to attend the 2nd TU-CAPS International Conference.